As An Actress, Your Headshot Needs To Be As Alive And Vibrant As You Are In Person

As an aspiring actor or actress, the headshot you send out into the world, is your introduction. It does not reveal how well you can say your lines, your facial expressions or you ability to convey emotion. What is does do, is introduce you. If your personality does not come through in the photograph, it does not matter how well you could perform, you will not get called. Hiring someone that can transform a piece of paper into a beautiful representation of who you are, is important.

When you are looking for acting roles, commercial work, plays or theater you essentially need to sell your image. Your headshot is a form of personal advertisement. There are a number of headshot photographers los angeles that can do the job for you, but make sure you look through their portfolio before you hire them. When you see a headshot that you like, ask who the photographer was and where they are located. Interview the photographer if you can.


Lauren Hurt is an experienced photographer that does headshots in los angeles. She will sit down with you, finding out what your passions are, and perfecting each shot until you shine through and into the camera lens. You may want to schedule more than one session, portraying a different image of yourself. Depending on the role you are going after, you may want a conservative look, or one that is seductive or mature. Resume’s are created for specific jobs. Office work is office work, but a resume’ for data entry would not get you the job for administrative assistant. Your headshot needs to be geared toward the role you are seeking.

The world of acting is exciting, competitive and your passion. You have worked hard to perfect your craft with voice, dance and acting lessons. You are good at what you do and it is the passion of your heart. Don’t let a poorly done headshot ruin your chances at stardom and fame. Make sure your photograph is as alive and as exciting as you are. It needs to be the one photograph in a pile of many that jumps out and into the hands of the producer. Go to headshots in los angeles and take a look at Lauren Hurts page. Let her take the photograph that launches your acting career.


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